Stamp and Go! {Jamaican Codfish Fritters} for #SundaySupper

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Today is a BIG #SundaySupper. Its Superbowl Sunday and we have so many good dishes for this spectacular occasion. It’s spectacular for a few reasons. If you love American Football, then you’ve probably been eagerly anticipating this day. If you love food, well there will certainly no shortage of food today. If you’re like me, you’ll be looking forward to the Superbowl commercials and the half-time performance. Yes, that really is all that I’m looking forward to. Well that and these Jamaican Codfish Fritters! It’s a wonderful snack or side dish/appetizer and is one of my favourite Jamaican treats. My Grandmother used to make these fritters for me. I just loved them. The saltiness of the Codfish will always win me over. I made them for the first time and now I’m in fritter heaven!


Stamp & Go_Codfish Fritters_1


My recipe today was taken from my very special Jamaican cookbook by Enid Donaldson, “The Real Taste Of Jamaica”. This book has not failed me yet! I’m comforted knowing that it keeps me close to home for so many occasions including game time!


Stamp and Go! {Jamaican Codfish Fritters}

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 Cup Salted (deboned) Codfish
  • 2 Cups All Purpose Flour, Unbleached
  • 2 Onions, Finely chopped
  • 2 Tomatoes, finely chopped, seeds removed
  • 2 Cloves Garlic, minced
  • 2 Stalks Escallion, finely sliced
  • 2 Tsp Black Pepper
  • 1/2 Scotch Bonnet Pepper, finely chopped (I omitted this ingredient)
  • 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil + more for frying
  • 2 Tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 1/2 Cups Water, at room temperature


  1. Soak codfish overnight in water or bring to a boil twice (for 12-15 minutes), draining and adding fresh water after each boil.
  2. Drain and rinse the codfish under running cold water
  3. Using a fork or your fingers, flake the codfish into small pieces, taking care to remove any remaining bones
  4. To a small skillet, add oil and allow to get hot. Add onion, garlic, tomatoes and escallions. Sautee until soft about 5 minutes. Add black pepper then combine. Remove from heat and allow to cool
  5. Add codfish to the seasonings. Stir to combine
  6. In a medium bowl, add flour and baking powder. Stir to incorporate
  7. add codfish mixture to the flour and stir to combine.
  8. Add water gradually, mixing by hand until a firm but loose batter is achieved
  9. Add by about 3 tbsp at a time and fry in oil at medium heat on both sides (about 3-5 mins) until golden brown and cooked through
  10. Transfer to absorbent paper towels to get rid of any excess oil.
  11. Transfer to a platter and serve warm


For those who are not familiar with Salted Cod/Cod Fish/Salt Fish – this is what it looks like straight out of the package. This looks pretty nice compared to what I grew up seeing. This is from an 11oz package. I used half of it to make this recipe. I got mine from the local West Indian Market but I have seen it in the regular supermarket also.


Stamp_and_Go_Salted Codfish

Salted Cod Fish direct from packaging


I remember having to flake codfish on a Saturday night in preparation for Ackee & Salt Fish on Sunday morning before church. The fish we had then wasn’t as refined and certainly was not de-boned. I had to use my fingers and flake while removing bones from the fish. Not a glamorous task at all. But I love Saltfish so it had to be done. I would flake the fish while my Mom would prepare the dumpling dough.

Once the fish has been boiled twice, taste the fish to see if it is to your liking. You don’t want to boil out all the salt. It should in fact still be salty. Keep in mind that it is going to be placed in a batter that will likely reduce the saltiness. Here is what the codfish looks like once cooled and flaked.



Flaked Cod Fish




Lets make Stamp & Go!


While sautéing the seasoning, you will notice the wonderful fragrance as they combine. I decided not to add Scotch Bonnet pepper this time but I’m sure I will the next time. I added black pepper instead.


Stamp & Go_ Seasoning + Fish

Sautee the onion, garlic, tomatoes and escallions. Combine with codfish.


Creating the batter was interesting. The recipe did not state how much water to use. I added 1/4 Cup of water at a time until I arrived at a nice consistency. I tested out a fritter to see how it came out after adding a cup of water to the batter. I only needed half a cup more to get it right. Fry these fritters at medium heat. And do not leave the skillet unattended while browning these fritters.


Stamp & Go_Prep


Wouldn’t you like to see these on your Superbowl party platter?  These are a definite crowd pleaser.



Codfish Fritter Platter

Grab yourself a plate and dig in!



Jamaican Cod Fish Fritters, also known as Stamp & Go


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  1. Liz

    Lyn, these sound amazing! Perfect for a Super Bowl gathering, but I’d be happy to sample them anytime!
    Liz recently posted..Turkey Sliders with Roasted Tomatoes….#SundaySupper, #SuperBowlMy Profile

  2. The more recipes you share the more I crave Jamaican food! I’m so loving this alternative to regular crab or fish cakes. Thanks so much for the recipe.
    Renee recently posted..Muffuletta Skewers for #SuperBowl #SundaySupperMy Profile

  3. You always share such amazing heritage food Lyn! Though I don´t like fish these would be perfect with other substitutions. I like that it has tomatoes inside, probably makes them very moist and fresh!
    Paula @ Vintage Kitchen recently posted..Marinated Steak and Chimichurri Sliders #SundaySupperMy Profile

  4. I’ve actually had these before at a friend’s house who was from Jamaica! Sooo…I need to come over, k?
    Jen @JuanitasCocina recently posted..Green Chile Cheeseburgers ~ Super Bowl #SundaySupper!My Profile

  5. Wow, what a great dish and it’s so beautiful! I love a good fritter and I love that you used cod!
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers recently posted..Pizza Wontons #SundaySupperMy Profile

  6. Dang….these sound (and look) incredible!!!
    Katie recently posted..Grilled Pizza with Sausage and Spinach Recipe for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  7. What a great dish! I’m always intimidated by cooking fish at home, but you make it seem so accessible. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Courtney @Neighborfood recently posted..Buffalo Chicken Pizza (On a Stick!) for Superbowl #SundaySupperMy Profile

  8. Those are so new to me! The name alone is attractive, I am so surprised that I have never heard of your Jamaican fritters before Lyn. I have to check now if I can get codfish here. Thank you for sharing Lyn!
    Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb recently posted..Comment on Ham and Cheese Crescents for #Sundaysupper by KatieMy Profile

  9. Lyn,
    I love how you always bring something beautiful, unique and different! Totally love this! and love the new layout to your posts. . with the ingredients laid out like that. . love it! Looks great!
    Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom recently posted..Ham and Cheese Sliders for Super Bowl SundayMy Profile

  10. Bea

    Such a beautiful presentation! As others said above, Codfish Fritters are also new to me – it sounds great!
    Bea recently posted..Ham Crescents {Schinkenhoernle} #DairyFree for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  11. Lyn, these photos look very springy! I cannot resist any fish dish. I’ll love to try soon. Great work!

  12. I have never had salted cod before and my mouth is drooling looking at these wonderful little fritters, lovely pictures as always!!
    Tara recently posted..Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Dates for Superbowl #SundaySupperMy Profile

  13. I must say, Lyn, the names of your recipes always draw me in because I am so curious what I am going to find. I was totally not expecting codfish fritters when I clicked on the link. Thanks for continuing to educate me on Jamaican cuisine!
    Brianne @ Cupcakes & Kale Chips recently posted..Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Sandwiches (and 3 variations) for a #SundaySupper #SuperBowl PartyMy Profile

  14. What a beautiful and refreshing dish! Can’t wait to give this a try! Looks delicious! #SundaySupper

  15. Oooh I love these Jamaican fritters!!They sound so good with the yummy ingredients in the mixture.I love Cod and can imagine how delicious it must taste :)
    Soni recently posted..Tofu Buffalo Bites for Superbowl! #SundaySupperMy Profile

  16. I’ve never seen anything like these but they look perfect for a party!
    Hezzi-D recently posted..Roasted Red Pepper Hummus #SundaySupperMy Profile

  17. My home ec teacher made these for us once. So good fresh!
    Sarah Reid, RHNC (@jo_jo_ba) recently posted..Vegan "Hamburger Helper" Soup for Superbowl #SundaySupperMy Profile

  18. Lyn I am really digging this recipe. We are huge fish lovers here so it’s always cool to see an interesting dish we can try out.
    Kim Bee recently posted..Pizza Pretzel Rolls | Super Bowl #SundaySupperMy Profile

  19. Fantastic recipe, loving how crisp these are!
    Susan recently posted..Bacon Kettle Corn #SundaySupperMy Profile

  20. I was introduced to salt cod when we were living in Brazil. It’s pretty much a staple of life there, brought over by the Portuguese, i do believe. Your fritters are just my favorite kind of dish. Salty, fried and spicy, because you know I AM going to use the Scotch bonnet! I haven’t run across dried cod here yet but now I will be actively looking! Gotta try these beautiful things!
    Stacy recently posted..Little Filo Cheese Rolls for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  21. Wow, these are perfect fritters. LOVE IT!!
    Megan – I Run For Wine recently posted..Cheesy Peach Jalapeno Hush Puppies for #SundaySupper Super Bowl PartyMy Profile

  22. I would like these in my belly! Gorgeous!
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted..Red Velvet Molten Lava CupcakesMy Profile

  23. I love fritters of all shape and form. These would be a fun dish to try out. I bet we would love them.
    Lane @ Supper for a Steal recently posted..Easy White Queso with Chorizo | Super Bowl #SundaySupperMy Profile

  24. I like cod,so this is something to try.
    Cindys Recipes and Writings recently posted..Roses are Red, Violets are DeliciousMy Profile

  25. I’m new to your site and am totally blown away by your photography and interesting recipes! That salted cod… I don’t think I cn get it here. Is fresh fish fillet usable for this recipe? Sounds like bakalao. I’ve not had it before have read tons about it. I love me some fish. :-)
    Jayne recently posted..Fried Pomfret with Soy & GarlicMy Profile

    • Hi Jayne! Welcome to The Lovely Pantry!!!
      I just googled Bacalao and yes – it seems to be the same thing, salted cod/saltfish. I’ll be honest – I have never thought to use fresh fish for this dish so I’m not certain how it would come out. It would likely be okay but would lack the salty flavour that the saltfish brings. Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope to see you again soon! :-) ~Lyn
      lovelypantry recently posted..Stamp and Go! {Jamaican Codfish Fritters} for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  26. We love fish and this looks like a nice spicy dish that my family will love. Pinned it and looking forward to making it sometime soon. I find plain steamed fish so boring !! This is great :)
    Sunithi recently posted..Nutrition, Supplements and Weight LossMy Profile

  27. Lovely! I’ve never tried salted codfish before so this is something new a must try one. And this has won my heart already.
    Linda | The Urban Mrs recently posted..Buttery Herb Fried RiceMy Profile

  28. Oh I just love your step-by-step photos. I have to confess to getting a little lazy these days with mine and I am always inspired by yours. I am also inspired by this amazing sounding recipe. I know it would go down really well in my house because my 19 month old loves cod fritters.
    Laura | Small Wallet, Big Appetite recently posted..Pistachio and Chocolate Soufflé #SundaySupperMy Profile

  29. so nice to see another Caribbean food blogger out there. There are so few of us. We call them fish cakes on Dominica where my grandmother is from. I also have my version posted on my blog. These are always one of my faves!
    Mireille recently posted..Salted Caramel Banana FlanMy Profile

    • Yes, there are very few of us so I’m very happy to meet you. I visited your blog too. Liked your page so I can keep up with your posts :-) Saltfish Fritters will always be a favourite of mine also!


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