Quinoa Brownies

Oct 18, 2012 by

Today, I’m doing a guest post for Kimberly over at Badger Girl Learns To Cook! Kimberly has a weekly feature called Healthy Blogger Thursdays and I was fortunate enough to be invited! I’m really happy to be a part of such a wonderful network of food bloggers. We truly support each other and get introduced to new bloggers regularly. Check out Kimberly’s blog and follow her culinary journey focusing on clean eating and using whole foods in her diet. You’ll also be introduced to such amazing health conscious bloggers that inspire with wonderful recipes, health tips, and other health related topics.

Todays recipe is just so simple. I’m going to call it healthy because my favourite superfood is included and you probably wouldn’t even know. I rave about Quinoa all the time because of its wonderful benefits and versatility. I adapted this recipe from Donna Hay’s cookbook “Fast, Fresh, Simple”. The original title is “Standby Brownies” since cocoa powder is used instead of melting chocolate. Please visit Kimberly’s blog for the full recipe and my very first guest post :-)

Quinoa Brownies


Sometimes you just really need a chocolate fix. I do, all the time! Quinoa Brownies certainly hit the spot ~ especially with a glass of really cold Almond Milk.


Quinoa Brownies


I just love Kimberly’s “can-do” attitude towards eliminating processed foods and learning how to cook! It’s both refreshing and inspiring! Thank you Kimberly for including me as part of your Healthy Blogger Series!





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  1. Quinoa? In brownies?! SUCH a cool idea!

  2. Thanks Lyn! I am so glad that you are part of the Healthy Blogger series and this is an awesome recipe. Can’t wait to try it. :)

  3. And I have some quinoa in the pantry. Time to make some brownies!! Just need to head over to Badger Girl Learns to cook to get the recipe…

  4. I had no clue that you could use quinoa in brownies! What a fantastic idea!

  5. You are so creative Lyn! Those look amazing and sooo mouthwatering! Will check your guest post!

  6. Absolutely LOVE these, Lyn! I made some biscuits the other day with quinoa flour, and don’t know why I hadn’t thought of using it for brownies!!! I’m totally on this!!

  7. Omg LOVE! Can’t wait to go read the recipe so I can make these right away!!

  8. It’s my first time here and I love that these brownies doesn’t only look gorgeous and delicious but are healthy as well!

  9. WOW! Quinoa in brownies? Whaaat! That’s so amazing!!!! I think if quinoa is in sweets my kids will love it!

  10. Quinoa in brownies?! YES PLEASE! I’ve recently become obsessed with quinoa so these brownies are just screaming my name! Heading over to check it out :)