Banana Nutmeg Smoothie

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After chit-chatting with my friends on Facebook, I realized that Smoothies are quite popular with healthy-minded individuals! I guess I’m a bit late on the smoothie band wagon, but I’m slowly getting into it. I mean, who can resist a fruity drink that’s natural and GREAT for you? It’s always a bonus when the kids LOVE it too. I’m down for Smoothies! Are you?

  • What are your best smoothies?
  • How often do you have them?
  • What do you use to make them? (Blender, Immersion blender, Single Serving Blender etc)


Smoothies are so versatile. Its a meal on the go, or a quick nutritious snack. When it comes to ingredients, my Facebook friends have listed both fruits and veggies. Bananas seem to be the must have ingredient, followed by mango and pineapple. Peanut Butter adds a smooth shot of protein and frozen spinach adds some extra goodness to the mix. I look forward to experimenting more with Smoothies.


Here’s a recipe for a smoothie that my children and I enjoyed ~ Banana Nutmeg Smoothie



2 Bananas (If you use frozen Bananas, you don’t need ice)

1/2 Cup Milk (Substitute with Soy or Almond if desired)

1 Cup Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt

1/4 Tsp Nutmeg

1 Cup Ice



Add ingredients to a blender and mix until the ice is crushed and the liquid becomes frothy. Pour into individual glasses (or cups for the little ones).


If using as an adult meal replacement, adding a flavoured protein powder is great too.

Happy blending!



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  1. I am always for smoothie:)) yours look and sound so refreshing, and perfect for breakfast! I usually using blender/food processor in one and I love strawberry smoothie with bit of chocolate..
    Thank you for sharing!!!

    • lovelypantry

      I use a blender too or my Magic Bullet, depending on what I’m making or if its for everyone. Thanks so much for your comment, Sandra! Always nice to see you here :-)

  2. What a refreshing banana smoothie you have there! Strawberry-banana smoothie is my favorite and I usually use my humble blender to make it! :)
    Glad to find your wonderful site, btw!

    • lovelypantry

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Tina! Strawberry/Banana – yum! Glad to see you and hope to see you again soon!

  3. I’m like you – I’m usually worrying about extra sugar and calorie on smoothie because I eat meals regularly and if I would drink smoothie, it would be an extra. But you really tempted me to try this smoothie. I have every ingredients with me so why not! I’m sort of excited – all I need was some delicious picture of smoothies! Thanks for sharing!

    • lovelypantry

      Yes, Nami! Try it! A friend of mine on Facebook made it her own and added cinnamon and raw oats! Try it as a meal replacement. I had it as an afternoon snack today but used Chocolate Almond Milk. It was great! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by :-) See you soon…:-)

  4. Oh my! I think it tastes heavenly! I’ll definitely try it :)

  5. I’m going to make this smoothie right now … with a cherry twist :)

  6. Hi Lyn :)
    I’m drinking smoothie almost every morning (if I have enough time to make it).
    The basic: honey, oat flakes, soya milk (usually chocolate), yoghurt
    I put everything into the shaker with the fruit i have at home. Sometimes I grate a little ginger into it or if there is strawberry i put fresh basil… etc.

    • That sounds good Eszter! I’ve used oats before too. I let is soak up the almond milk (thats what I love to use) for a while before I add the other ingredients. So glad to have you stop by! *hugs*

  7. It’s surprising how many greens you can get into a smoothie like this. Love my Magic Bullet but wish I had a Vitamix to really smooth out those leaves :-)
    Michelle @ Find Your Balance recently posted..No Bake Cocoa Candy Cane BallsMy Profile


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